Training Course of Nature Conservation Projects

The Research Group for the Protection of Birds in Morocco organized from 18 to 20 July 2017 a Training Course « Montage of Nature Conservation Projects ».

This training, which is part of the capacity building recommended by BirdLife International, was aimed at training members of the Executive Board as well as the active members of GREPOM so that they could get started with Project Implementation in a near future.

The training was provided by Professor M.Dakki, president of the association and professor-researcher at the Scientific Institute of Rabat, thanks to his basic ecological training and his execution and steering of several development projects, he largely contributed to the success of this training.

Indeed, this training was characterized in the first place by theoretical courses presenting the basics for the Montage of any Project. Then Mr. Dakki laid out a coherent and necessary process for the development of the projects, before finally going to practical sessions. For this purpose, the participants were divided into several groups, and each group worked on a specific project.

Finally, the participants presented their recommendations in a respectful and serene way, not forgetting to thank Mr. Dakki who played his full role as a trainer during this training.

All in all, the training was closed in beauty by the delivery of certificates of participation to members and an honorary certificate to Mr. Dakki who provided this training.


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