The GROOM-BirdLife Partnership, a new era of struggle for Nature

It was very stirring for the members of GREPOM / BirdLife Morocco’s Executive Board and National Council to learn that the BirdLife International Board has adopted, at its high-level meeting in June 2018, the transition of our NGO to BirdLife’s full partner status.

This approval was confirmed by signing the BirdLife International –GREPOM Convention, and then through its official announcement on September 25th, 2018 (the day before yesterday), at the BirdLife International World Partner Congress.

We receive this approval of GREPOM/BirdLife Morocco as a reward reaped through a series of achievements and recognition of its abilities, two major things that would consolidate its role on both national and International scale.

This success is the result of unremitting efforts that many GREPOM members have provided in order to enrich the skills of their association.

I take this delightful opportunity to salute the efforts of the National Council and Regional Coordinators, and especially those of the Executive and Administrative Offices, who have worked with great determination and under stressful conditions in order to rightly guide a host of conservation projects, while abiding the rules of governance within the association.

Outside the framework, a large number of ‘GREPOMMists’ contributed to this success; a high esteem is dedicated to them from my part.  However, it is through these achievements of GREPOM at which they realize themselves.

This success is also due to the continued support of our BirdLife partners, including VBN, SEO, BirdLife Africa, RSPB and AAO, who have invested in the BirdLife Morocco Advisory Group.

This technical and material, even moral support, has enabled GREPOM to acquire good management teamwork and to improve on its governance and conservation skills.

The path to this partnership took too long, at least longer than expected, but a very eventful journey. Although at times it was disruptive and distressful, these events have been a source of deep reflection and corrective actions. In addition, it is in a rough sea that a crew can improve their sailing performance. For this purpose, this partnership should be perceived as the starting point of a new era, in which GREPOM is summoned more than before, to implement its skills for the benefit of Palearctic and Moroccan birds.

Celebrating 25 years of existence and full partnership, GREPOM tends to carry out, at least throughout the next quarter, a series of promotional, informative, and awareness-raising to he school public and general public as well. Our international partners will be present at the inauguration of these activities and we sincerely hope that many GREPOM members will contribute.

Mohamed Dakki

President of GREPOM/BirdLife Morocco



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