Who are we?

GREPOM is a non-profit, non-governmental organization created on May 7, 1993, according to Moroccan law, on the initiative of a group of researchers and wild bird enthusiasts. Its headquarters located at the Scientific Institute, Ibn Battuta Street, Agdal, Rabat.

The GREPOM acts in accordance with the Moroccan constitution and laws and is entirely independent of any other entity; however, it may be possible to establish partnerships with national associations or international organizations, As long as their objectives and modes of action are in harmony with their own.

GREPOM, because of its national scope of its objectives and the diversity of its competences (teachers, researchers, students, management of natural spaces, amateurs, etc.), it offers a framework for action and sharing among those who are concerned by the Preservation of Nature in Morocco, which are also the essential beneficiaries of this sharing.

GREPOM is composed mainly of active members, ready to contribute voluntarily to its objectives, in particular by their experience and their time.