Our strategy

Strategy of the Research Group for the Protection of Birds in Morocco to 2020

This strategy is the result of a long process of transformation that started at the 2010 general meeting, with a number of dysfunctions that hinder the achievement of the association’s ambitions and even threaten Its sustainability, at a time when the need for conservation of nature grew in Morocco. It was therefore necessary to diagnose all these threats in an objective way, but the context of this diagnosis involved the association in 2010 only in its framework National standard. This context was completely transformed when GREPOM was selected as a potential future affiliate of BirdLife International. By responding positively to this proposal, the association had to guide the diagnosis of its strategic needs by taking into account its new ambitions and the major challenges it must defy. It was in 2011 that the diagnosis of the situation of the association was made; He began by reviewing the potential roles of the association and the spatial and thematic scope of its actions, while integrating its ambition to be affiliated with BirdLife International. Once established, these roles imposed on the GREPOM a new mode of governance, inspired by modern approaches but improved by balanced adaptations to the Moroccan context. A diagnostic document of the association’s overall and specific needs was drafted and discussed and modified during several meetings of the GREPOM office and after consultation with its regional coordinators as well as with people experienced in the management of associations.
With the advent of the BirdLife affiliation objective (GREPOM-BirdLife meeting of 27 May 2011), the diagnosis discussions were extended to the MCP team (BirdLife Program in Morocco), particularly with regard to Approaches of this international organization.
The strategy only took shape at the end of 2011; It was materialized by the development of a Vision, Strategic and Specific Objectives and Actions. After extensive discussions with Bureau members and regional coordinators, these same actors met in the workshop on 07 March 2012 and adopted the strategy paper.
This strategy was also adopted at the GREPOM General Assembly held on 08 September 2012 and attended by 81 members of the association.

Stratégie du Groupe de Recherche pour la Protection des Oiseaux au Maroc à l’horizon 2020