The participation of the communication officer in training on advocacy strategies

17022040_2081184828774632_4833397664100124864_nIt was a family spirit that Bird Life International met with its African partners in the capacity building workshop on advocacy strategies and associated communication tools. On this occasion, our communications officer was at the appointment to represent the Research Group for the Protection of Birds in Morocco and to benefit from this valuable.

Indeed, no one can deny the importance of communication for the flourishing of any organization. Aware of this fact, Bird Life International has taken the initiative to accompany its partners to strengthen their capacities at this level.

The communication officer Grepom / BirdLife Morocco was, therefore, called to present the strategy of advocacy already put in place by our NGO. But before that, he sought to clarify the political and legislative context of Morocco to illustrate two examples of advocacy: The first concerns with the Important Areas for the Conservation of Birds (ZICOS) in Morocco and the second evokes the role of Grepom / BirdLife Morocco in the improvement of the methodology of Ornithological Studies relating to wind projects.

In conclusion, we would like to acknowledge the trust placed in us by BirdLife International and its representatives, whose interest and support have made it possible for us to succeed.

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