The Griffon Vulture ‘M13’ treated and released to Jbel Moussa


Images widely disseminated by some media show young people from the town of Fnidaq who mistreat a tawny vulture. This bird is one of the five individuals released on 07 February 2017 in Jbel Moussa, as part of an attempt to reintroduce the species into the wild. This vulture showed difficulty in regaining its natural habitat when it was released; after his recovery, he undergoes care before being released again. It should be noted that the local GREPOM team (Rachid El Khamlichi and Mohamed Amezian) has long been monitoring raptors in the Jbel Moussa Biological and Ecological Interest Site. Before even the release of vultures operated on February 7, this team recovered several raptors in difficulty, which they fed and treated before releasing them. These raptors are reported to the above said team by the inhabitants themselves of the douars of Jbel Moussa and its surroundings, who are well aware of the importance of these vultures. In 2016, around 20 young people participated with this team in the creation of a space for feeding vultures.

The Office of the High Commissioner for Water and Forests and the Fight against Desertification and its partners in the operation of the liberation of vultures in Jbel Moussa mobilized with the help of the local authorities for the establishment of a mechanism to ensure the success of this reintroduction trial. Since this type of mutilation of birds is prevalent in Morocco, public awareness is an essential part of this mechanism. Moreover, following a request by the Office of the High Commissioner for Water and Forests and the Fight against Desertification, the Attorney General of the King opened an investigation to determine the circumstances of capture and mutilation of this bird and to identify the officials.

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